Friday, August 14, 2009

Go Della! It's your Birthday!

Hey ya'll.
It's that time again.
The day of year that I get whatever I want and I'm the most special person for one whole day.
At least kind of.
At the very least I get Cajun Chicken Penne (my favorite!) for dinner, and my family sends me loving videos like this one:
(Click >>>here<<< if it doesn't load).
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They also write on my facebook pages and write things like this:

Happy Birthday, oh Happy Birthday.

Hate and envy in the air.

People dying everywhere.

Still we want to wish you:

Happy Birthday.

One year closer to the grave,

think of all the food you'll save.

Still we want to wish you:

Happy Birthday.


And though it may seem odd, these things truly make me feel loved.



Happy Birthday to Me!


Victoria said...

Hope it was a great one!

Tracy said...

Hi Della,

I've been so busy, I haven't been in the blog world in months, but I've missed reading your blog. Hope all is well.

Take care,