Sunday, August 31, 2008

I DID IT!!! (Sunday Post)

I did it!
The Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon is now on my been there, done that list.
It was amazing. I feel so great!
Round about the 7 mile mark I got a flood of endorphins that was incredible. (And it almost lasted till the end).
While I was running I kept thinking of possible titles for this post. Some of which came from t-shirts other people were wearing. Here are some of them:
-Who needs toenails anyway?
-I know I run like a girl, try to keep up
-In my dreams I'm kenyan
-This seemed like a good idea 2 hours ago
I almost cried when I crossed the finish line. I made myself stop because I couldn't breathe.
You should be able to see on my nike+ sidebar that my most recent workout was 14+ miles, (I kept walking after the race).
And you can check my times at the official marathon site. Or >>here<<, by entering my bib number, which is 20758.
I will follow this post with more posts displaying pics of (hopefully) me running, my awesome medal (that I'm not taking off all day), and of my fabulous blister on the arch of my right foot that is bigger than any blister has any right to be.
Thanks for the love, encouragement, and support.
I can't believe I did it.
Being that this is also my Sunday Post I will include the 2 scriptures that kept me going:
-Philippians 4;13:
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
-Isaiah 40:31:
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.
I did it!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Video removed

I apologize profusely for the video that was posted yesterday.
I found a great video on that you can see >>here<<, that made fun of our current presidential wanna-bes.
Only the one I posted actually had my face in it, so I thought it was extra cool.
But after the first time I watched it I couldn't view it again, and apparently the video I thought I posted was not the video that was playing for my viewers.
I make all efforts to make this a family friendly blog, so I apologize for the video that was apparently playing. I would never knowingly post anything that I feel would be offensive.
I still have been unable to view the video that was playing, so I don't even know what you were seeing.
Anyway, I apologize, and it has been removed.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tired of the campaign yet?

Video has been removed.

I feel like an abused voter.

Make sure you watch to the end of the video to see (just) one of the reasons why.

I need motivation

Thursday, August 28, 2008

You won't see this in the olympics

Thanks again to Mike for the blog fodder.

And yes, I know I've been spending way too much time on youtube.

Tag: Paul Hunt, comedy gymnastics

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Que Sera Sera is a load of bull!

I'm not downing Doris Day.

This song was a #2 hit, only held out of the #1 spot by Elvis Presley and a little song called "Hound Dog".

But this song was in my head the other day and as I sang the words to myself I started to get irritated.

Any mother who tells her daughter essentially "Don't worry about what will happen to you. It's going to happen anyway and you have no control over it" ought to be flogged.

Of course you have control over what will happen to you!

You are the one who decides what will happen in your life. We can't always control what comes in to our lives. But we control what happens once it's there.

We have the power to direct our lives and make our dreams come true.

So I rewrote the words to the first verse:

When I was just a little girl,

I told my mother what I would be.

"I will be pretty. I will be rich.

I will be because of Me"

Que decido sera,

Whatever I say, will be.

The future is up to me.

Que decido sera.

2nd verse:

When I grew up and fell in love

I told my sweetheart what to expect,

"We will have troubles, but we will get through

if we have love and respect"

Que decido sera,

Whatever I say will be.

The future is up to me.

Que decido sera.


Give me time and I'll rewrite the last verse too.

I'm an aunt! (again!)

Congratulations are in order to my sister, Lydia, who gave birth to her 6th child this morning.
James Hendrix Turner M., or JT as he will be called officially joined the family today.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aargh! Darn my forgetfulness!

I got up this morning and ran 6+ miles.
I went to North Landing State Park with the friends I went with yesterday.
It was great, but I forgot my Ipod and couldn't count my miles for Nike+.
Oh well, I guess the important thing is that I am running, getting in better shape, and preparing for my half marathon.
If I have 6 miles less on my counter and lose my first place spot in my nike+ challenges that's not the priority, right?
The other bonus is that running in First Landing is awesome.
I have heard people say that trail running is better than street running. They are right. (Duh).
Here are a couple of pics from the park.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Look at me go!

6 days to go till my half marathon.
Part of my training regimen has been running one long run each week, with 2 or 3 short runs during the week.
By the last week before the marathon, (this week) I have worked up to a 10 mile run.
I went with some friends and ran 11 miles this morning.
That is the farthest I have ever run.
It felt great.
Well, not entirely during the run, especially not near the end, but once it was over I felt amazing.
Since I was with friends I only stopped to walk twice in the whole run instead of at every mile like I usually do.
Since I run with Nike+ I can keep track of all my runs and walks, and even figured out how to post my Nike+ info right here!
So check out my newest blog feature, my Nike+ tag over on the right, so you can keep track of my miles too.
Happy running.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Post

Our Relief Society Lesson today was from a talk President Monson gave during the priesthood session of the last General Conference.
He talked about how we are the ultimate examples to the world.
That we all have a divine mission that we can accomplish through the power of God.
And that others are always watching us, so we must always be acting in ways that will teach and encourage others.
There was much more to the whole lesson than that, but that is the summary of what I took away from it.
President Monson shared part of this message in a manner much more effective than I can share.
Watch this video to see it.
I promise it is worth the watch.
It is about 2 1/2 minutes long. The best part is at about 1 1/2 minutes.

Tag: President Thomas S. Monson ear wiggle

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ninja Mormons

Yes, I know this video is 5 minutes long.
Watch it anyway.
Trust me.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Product Pick! Chocolate Chex!

Being that one of my weight loss secrets is eating one bowl of healthy, whole grain cereal each morning, I make a concerted effort to keep my cereal cupboard stocked with such stapes so as to continue this habit, while also making sure I can enjoy my breakfast.
So it is very important to purchase breakfast cereals that are not only good for me, but taste good too.
Some of my favorites include:
-Yogurt Burst Cheerios
-Cinnamon Pecan Special K
-Honey Bunches of Oats
and my newest favorite:
Chocolate Chex!
This stuff is awesome!
Each little waffled square still encapsules the cool refreshing milk in every bite, like all other chex varieties. But this one has the indominable flavor of CHOCOLATE!
And who doesn't like chocolate?
(If you don't like chocolate just stop reading right now).
The price is about the same as other cereals.
The downside of this cereal, is that unlike my Cranberry Selects, my kids want to eat it too. So I have to either buy a lot of it, or hide it behind the Shredded Wheat.
At least they are eating healthy too.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Casa Bonita, South Park version

If you've ever been to Denver, you've probably eaten at Casa Bonita.
There have been at least 2 restaurants built in likeness to it.
One of which is The Mayan, which is in Salt Lake.
In fact, Casa Bonita is so awesome it has been immortalized by the infamous television show, South Park.
Not that I'm much of a South Park fan, but I did like this Casa Bonita clip.
If you have ever eaten there, you will appreciate it too.
If you haven't eaten there, plan on it on your next trip tp Denver.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stop! (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Apparently these are real stop signs in a suburb of Chicago.
You'd proabably stop just to read them.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More trip pics

So I'm blog chronicling our trip very much out of order.
When we were flying in to Salt Lake we flew over Utah valley. My window was really dirty, but he clouds were amazing.
I took 33 pictures of clouds, mountains and the ground below.
I won't post all of them, but here are some of the best.
Sadly, these pics just don't capture the amazing beauty that was there.
See the rainbow?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

God makes the best things

We spent the first day and a half of our trip to Utah in Southern Utah, visiting Chris's family. We got to see so many wonderful, breathtaking, amazing things and people.
I lived in Southern Utah for several years, but I was nonetheless awed by the incredible landscape.
It's a good thing I wasn't driving, because I spent so much time gazing out the windows that I'm sure I would have wrecked if I had been behind the wheel.
This is the road that goes to Hurricane (pronounced Hurr'ken, -remember we're in Utah-), by Quail Lake and the fairgrounds.
Just off of I-15 by Coral Canyons, coming back from Hurricane.
The Red Hills of Ivins from Grandma and Grandpa's church parking lot.
THE red hill of Ivins. (I plan on being buried in the Ivins Cemetary, at the foot of this red wonder).
Grandma and Grandpa's meetinghouse. Even it was beautiful.
And didn't I mention wonderful people? This is my (Chris') Grandma and Grandpa.
Grandpa is a regular contributor to the blog, and the 2 of them are some of my most devoted readers. (Apparently they have yet to figure out how to comment).
We got to visit with Chris' Mom, Dad and Sister too. How I didn't get a picture of them I don't know. I'm sorry about that.
Grandma and Grandpa took us to Marv's Drive In in St. George where we got to enjoy Mom and Pop style hamburgers, fries, ice cream, and another Utah original, Fry Sauce.
I love fry sauce.
We had a great time with everybody, and even got Chris' sister to start a character in our World of Warcraft realm.
We miss you guys. Hopefully I'll get to see you, and my red mountains again soon.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Still celebrating my birthday

My ever encouraging brother Mike posted the words to this song in a happy birthday message to me on our family blog.
Rather than recopy the lyrics I thought you might just enjoy a video montage from youtube with Weird Al's Happy Birthday song.
But if you want to read the lyrics click >>here<<.

So Happy Birthday to me!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm Ba-ack!
I'm so sorry my posting has sucked the last week.
All but about 3 of my regular readers, who I didn't see or talk to during the last week, will allready know that I didn't post because I was busy on a trip to Utah to see my home, my family, and celebrate my birthday!
Now I am back with about 88 pictures to post.
So let me start with pics from my birthday party.
This was my first birthday at Home (my parents house, where I grew up) in about 13 years.

One family tradition is that when it's your birthday you get to pick the menu.

So I asked my amazing husband to make Cajun Chicken Penne. We also had garlic bread, salad, corn on the cob and jello fluffy stuff.

This is Chris (my amazing husband) and my sister-in-law Niki finishing up making the punch.

We had about 30 guests, (half were children) so we set up tables in the back yard in the shade of the walnut tree.

I am older than that walnut tree. I can't believe it has grown enough to shade most of the yard.

My Mom Nancy, our friend Janice, and Niki enjoying the meal. CJ and Mark with their cousins, playing in the neighbor's yard.

Another tradition is the red plate for the birthday girl (or boy).

And my favorite foods, yum!

My sister Carrie, her husband Karl, and some of the younguns.

My best friend Holly showing me the gift she made me. With Mark on my lap ready to eat my (Coldstone) cake.

My awesome husband Chris and Me with my birthday crown and boa.

It was a great birthday party.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yes, I'm alive

I'm just very busy. Here are a few pictures that CJ and Mark have taken while on their trip with their grandparents. At Martins Cove where a lot of pioneers , including one of our great great great aunts, died. The Hard Rock Cafe (Somewhere). At Niagra Falls. At the beginning of the trip at the Hill Cumorah Pageant. By the Hill Cumorah monument. Playing at a Park near Palmyra. There are pictures of Mount Rushmore too, but I'll post those when I find them again. -Della

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Because I have nothing else to post....

I searched Youtube for an hour trying to find something entertaining to post.
Alas, youtube failed me.
There were many funny things, but few that were appropriate and under 2 minutes with reasonable acceptable video quality.
So this is what we ended up with.
Forgive me.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Post

This sunday's post is an excerpt from the Article "May We So Live" in this Month's Ensign by President Thomas S. Monson.
Chris is giving the Elders Quorum lesson on this article this week.
Because life is fragile and death inevitable, we must make the most of each day.
There are many ways in which we can misuse our opportunities. Some time ago I read a tender story written by Louise Dickinson Rich which vividly illustrates this truth. She wrote:
“My grandmother had an enemy named Mrs. Wilcox.
Grandma and Mrs. Wilcox moved, as brides, into next-door houses on the main street of the tiny town in which they were to live out their lives. I don’t know what started the war between them—and I don’t think that by the time I came along, over thirty years later, they remembered themselves what started it. This was no polite sparring match; this was total war.
“Nothing in town escaped repercussion. The 300-year-old church, which had lived through the Revolution, the Civil War, and the Spanish War, almost went down when Grandma and Mrs. Wilcox fought the Battle of the Ladies’ Aid. Grandma won that engagement, but it was a hollow victory. Mrs. Wilcox, since she couldn’t be president, resigned [from the Aid] in a huff. What’s the fun of running a thing if you can’t force your enemy to eat crow?
Mrs. Wilcox won the Battle of the Public Library, getting her niece, Gertrude, appointed librarian instead of Aunt Phyllis. The day Gertrude took over was the day Grandma stopped reading library books. They became ‘filthy germy things’ overnight.
The Battle of the High School was a draw. The principal got a better job and left before Mrs. Wilcox succeeded in having him ousted or Grandma in having him given life tenure of office.
“When as children we visited my grandmother, part of the fun was making faces at Mrs. Wilcox’s grandchildren. One banner day we put a snake into the Wilcox rain barrel. My grandmother made token protests, but we sensed tacit sympathy.
“Don’t think for a minute that this was a one-sided campaign. Mrs. Wilcox had grandchildren, too. Grandma didn’t get off scot free. Never a windy washday went by that the clothesline didn’t mysteriously break, with the clothes falling in the dirt.
“I don’t know how Grandma could have borne her troubles so long if it hadn’t been for the household page of her daily Boston newspaper. This household page was a wonderful institution. Besides the usual cooking hints and cleaning advice, it had a department composed of letters from readers to each other.
The idea was that if you had a problem—or even only some steam to blow off—you wrote a letter to the paper, signing some fancy name like Arbutus. That was Grandma’s pen name. Then some of the other ladies who had the same problem wrote back and told you what they had done about it, signing themselves One Who Knows or Xanthippe or whatever.
Very often, the problem disposed of, you kept on for years writing to each other through the column of the paper, telling each other about your children and your canning and your new dining-room suite. That’s what happened to Grandma. She and a woman called Sea Gull corresponded for a quarter of a century. Sea Gull was Grandma’s true friend.
“When I was about sixteen, Mrs. Wilcox died. In a small town, no matter how much you have hated your next-door neighbor, it is only common decency to run over and see what practical service you can do the bereaved. Grandma, neat in a percale apron to show that she meant what she said about being put to work, crossed the lawn to the Wilcox house, where the Wilcox daughters set her to cleaning the already-immaculate front parlor for the funeral. And there on the parlor table in the place of honor was a huge scrapbook; and in the scrapbook, pasted neatly in parallel columns were Grandma’s letters to Sea Gull over the years and Sea Gull’s letters to her. Though neither woman had known it, Grandma’s worst enemy had been her best friend.
That was the only time I remember seeing my grandmother cry. I didn’t know then exactly what she was crying about, but I do now. She was crying for all the wasted years which could never be salvaged.”
May we resolve from this day forward to fill our hearts with love. May we go the extra mile to include in our lives any who are lonely or downhearted or who are suffering in any way. May we “[cheer] up the sad and [make] someone feel glad.”
May we live so that when that final summons is heard, we may have no serious regrets, no unfinished business, but will be able to say with the Apostle Paul, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.”