Saturday, August 30, 2008

Video removed

I apologize profusely for the video that was posted yesterday.
I found a great video on that you can see >>here<<, that made fun of our current presidential wanna-bes.
Only the one I posted actually had my face in it, so I thought it was extra cool.
But after the first time I watched it I couldn't view it again, and apparently the video I thought I posted was not the video that was playing for my viewers.
I make all efforts to make this a family friendly blog, so I apologize for the video that was apparently playing. I would never knowingly post anything that I feel would be offensive.
I still have been unable to view the video that was playing, so I don't even know what you were seeing.
Anyway, I apologize, and it has been removed.


Pikes Pickles said...

Your fine. It gave me a giggle this morning. I sure didn't see your face in it though.LOL.

lekiM said...

No worries. N