Saturday, August 16, 2008

God makes the best things

We spent the first day and a half of our trip to Utah in Southern Utah, visiting Chris's family. We got to see so many wonderful, breathtaking, amazing things and people.
I lived in Southern Utah for several years, but I was nonetheless awed by the incredible landscape.
It's a good thing I wasn't driving, because I spent so much time gazing out the windows that I'm sure I would have wrecked if I had been behind the wheel.
This is the road that goes to Hurricane (pronounced Hurr'ken, -remember we're in Utah-), by Quail Lake and the fairgrounds.
Just off of I-15 by Coral Canyons, coming back from Hurricane.
The Red Hills of Ivins from Grandma and Grandpa's church parking lot.
THE red hill of Ivins. (I plan on being buried in the Ivins Cemetary, at the foot of this red wonder).
Grandma and Grandpa's meetinghouse. Even it was beautiful.
And didn't I mention wonderful people? This is my (Chris') Grandma and Grandpa.
Grandpa is a regular contributor to the blog, and the 2 of them are some of my most devoted readers. (Apparently they have yet to figure out how to comment).
We got to visit with Chris' Mom, Dad and Sister too. How I didn't get a picture of them I don't know. I'm sorry about that.
Grandma and Grandpa took us to Marv's Drive In in St. George where we got to enjoy Mom and Pop style hamburgers, fries, ice cream, and another Utah original, Fry Sauce.
I love fry sauce.
We had a great time with everybody, and even got Chris' sister to start a character in our World of Warcraft realm.
We miss you guys. Hopefully I'll get to see you, and my red mountains again soon.


Carrie and Karl said...

It is beautiful. That's why I love Utah, or at least part of the reason.

Della Hill said...

You mean the fry sauce, right?
Yes, Utah is gorgeous.
(And it's probably good I only get fry sauce once in a blue moon).