Thursday, August 21, 2008

Casa Bonita, South Park version

If you've ever been to Denver, you've probably eaten at Casa Bonita.
There have been at least 2 restaurants built in likeness to it.
One of which is The Mayan, which is in Salt Lake.
In fact, Casa Bonita is so awesome it has been immortalized by the infamous television show, South Park.
Not that I'm much of a South Park fan, but I did like this Casa Bonita clip.
If you have ever eaten there, you will appreciate it too.
If you haven't eaten there, plan on it on your next trip tp Denver.


Nancy said...

What memories! We haven't been there for several years. It would almost be worth a drive over. Mom

Nancy said...

It has been a while. As I remember it the experience was fun. The food was so - so.
Adults - go check out all the kids sites: like Black Barts cave. Don't let them have all the fun.