Friday, August 22, 2008

Product Pick! Chocolate Chex!

Being that one of my weight loss secrets is eating one bowl of healthy, whole grain cereal each morning, I make a concerted effort to keep my cereal cupboard stocked with such stapes so as to continue this habit, while also making sure I can enjoy my breakfast.
So it is very important to purchase breakfast cereals that are not only good for me, but taste good too.
Some of my favorites include:
-Yogurt Burst Cheerios
-Cinnamon Pecan Special K
-Honey Bunches of Oats
and my newest favorite:
Chocolate Chex!
This stuff is awesome!
Each little waffled square still encapsules the cool refreshing milk in every bite, like all other chex varieties. But this one has the indominable flavor of CHOCOLATE!
And who doesn't like chocolate?
(If you don't like chocolate just stop reading right now).
The price is about the same as other cereals.
The downside of this cereal, is that unlike my Cranberry Selects, my kids want to eat it too. So I have to either buy a lot of it, or hide it behind the Shredded Wheat.
At least they are eating healthy too.

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