Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yes, I'm alive

I'm just very busy. Here are a few pictures that CJ and Mark have taken while on their trip with their grandparents. At Martins Cove where a lot of pioneers , including one of our great great great aunts, died. The Hard Rock Cafe (Somewhere). At Niagra Falls. At the beginning of the trip at the Hill Cumorah Pageant. By the Hill Cumorah monument. Playing at a Park near Palmyra. There are pictures of Mount Rushmore too, but I'll post those when I find them again. -Della


Pikes Pickles said...

I think that is the Hard Rock in Niagara falls on the Canadian side. Looks like sooo much fun. Your pictures have truly made me homesick this summer.
Your children are darling !

Della Hill said...

Thank you. My children are darling aren't they.
I'm glad you are enjoying the pictures.