Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tiger Mom Loves Baby Piggies or False Advertising

According to an email I received the other day, there was a poor Mama Tiger in a California zoo who gave birth to tiger cub triplets. The poor cubbies died and the mother got depressed. She was failing to thrive.
The Zoo personel felt that if she could foster some other cubs it might reinvigor her desire to live. They contacted other zoos but were unable to find any orphaned tiger cubs.
What they found instead were a litter of piglets whose mother had died.
The zoo personel wrapped the piglets in tiger skins and put them in the habitat with the tiger. They then waited to see if the piglets would be a treatment tool, or if they would become lunch.
I thought this story was incredibly sweet and good blog fodder if it was true, so I checked it out on
Unfortunately the whole story was not true.
The pictures were actually taken in a zoo in Thailand at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo. This zoo has more than 400 tigers and occasionally gets bored with the normal tiger habitat exhibit so they cross exhibits by putting the tiger cubs in with a mother pig or vice versa.
This was the case with these pictures. All the same, these pics are adorable and serve to be a sort of Lion-laying-down-with-the-lamb example.


Victoria said...

I guess I'm just glad they don't actually show the part where the lion remembers she's a lion and has pork for lunch...

Lillian Wilkinson said...

Della, Just wondering, how is school going? Haven't heard much from you in a while. -- Drew