Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

I have had many mothers.
First and foremost is my Mom, Nancy. Who gave birth to me. Raised me. Fed me. Taught me. Put up with me. And loved me, sometimes in spite of myself.
My mom made my life wonderful and blessed me in so many ways that they can not be counted.
I have also been blessed with other mothers.
Other women along my way have blessed me and touched me, and made me a better person.
Obviously, my Grandmothers are on the top of this list.
My grandmother Gladys' home was the destination for many a family vacation, and I have many happy memories of playing in her home.
I always felt that I was the luckiest of my cousins because I got to live in the same city as my Mom's mom, Esther, and got to visit my Grandma all the time.
Both of those women taught me life lessons and loved me immesurably, (sp?).
I was also lucky enough to have great grandmothers in my life. One died while I was younger and I have limited memories of her.
But my Great Grandma Mumsie, (real name Iva Dell, I was named for her), lived until I was in my 20s and had a child of my own.
I have many memories of her house. Especially having her measure me on her pantry door everytime I came to visit, and seeing how much I'd grown since our last trip.
After I moved out of my parents home, my first real job was at a hospital. I worked with many wonderful nurses there who I often felt nurtured and mothered by.
One of those nurses liked me enough that she decided I would make a good daughter in law. She set me up on a blind date with her son, and, well, if you read the blog a couple weeks ago you saw that we just celebrated our 12th anniversary.
Cathy and I joke that she picked me out. I am extremely grateful for the friendship and love that I share with my mother in law. All wives should be so lucky.
Marrying Chris brought another mother into my life as well. When I married him his Grandmother became my grandmother. Her name is Patsy, but I don't think of her by that name. I think of her as Grandma. I felt accepted the first time I ever met her, and I can't even think about her without feeling loved.
Another mother that made a difference in my life is my best friend's mother. Through all of my teenage years Holly's mom Sharon accepted me as one of her children. I spent a lot of time at their house and she made me feel like I was part of the family.
All of these women affected my life for good. I am a better person because these women loved me.
Now in my life I mother other children. Kids and teenagers whose own mothers can't, for whatever reason, care for them.
I am able to do this now, because of the love that all of my mothers gave to me.
Thank you all.
I love you dearly.


Living on the Spit said...

Yes, you are a very blessed person and a wonderful mother.

YOu also mother the mother's by setting a clear example of what to be and what not to be. You inspire me constantly and show me what it means to be a healthy mother. So, in essence all the mothers in your life are helping those you help. I thank you and them as well.

Chuck and Nancy said...

Mothers help, some times without a plan. Just by being a good mother.

Victoria said...

I love the example YOU are, Della. You took "choosing motherhood as a profession" to a whole new level. I love the way you mother boys that didn't come out of your body, just as if they did. It takes a special kind of mom to love big, stinky boys. I love boys, and I can tell you do, too. I hope you had a simply fabulous mother's day.

Chuck and Nancy said...

Thank You, Della, Love, Mom