Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"More Mormon Jokes" or "Strike Me Down Now"

There is another blog out there called The Sugar Beet, which is kind of like The Onion newsletter, but mormon style.
I apologize at this point to my non-mormon readers who will probably only be confused by this post or by anything they might read at The Sugar Beet.
Believe me, when you understand the "mormon culture" this stuff is funny.
Actually the following list is titled
"Things that seem like they would be funny but are not".
See if you agree.
• Using grilled cheese sandwiches for the sacrament
• Solemnly appointing high priests to be captains of 50 for the march to Jackson County
• Sending a letter to all the Laurels saying they can wear whatever they want to girls’ camp
• Telling the priests they can serve as priesthood chaperones at girls’ camp
• Standing to bear your testimony, and then falling to the ground screaming and wrestling with an unseen demon
• Telling the nursery leader that, like an apostle, her calling is for life
• Tie-dying your Gs
• When called upon to read a scripture in Gospel Doctrine, making up something like, “And the Lord sayeth unto the children of men, It is not meet in mine eyes that thou nor thy manservant nor thy maidservant shall witness the Super Bowl, nor the harlots therein, for the Sabbath is mine”
• Telling the choir director to include a drum solo in the next Easter program
• Referring to the art displayed in the Church Office Building as “Corn in the COB”
• Dumping your fiancĂ©e because she’s not physically fit enough to make the walk to Missouri
As for that walk to Missouri....I'll have more on that later......


Victoria said...

I smell lightning in the air.

Mommymel said...

Yup, don't get most of 'em. The nursery leader one reads true for us non-mormons, too, though. :)

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

Asfor the "walk" to Missouri, all I can say is that the drive was hard enough for us. I think I'll take a bus. -- Drew