Saturday, March 28, 2009

How They Grow!

My boys celebrated their birthdays this week.
We went to breakfast on Tuesday morning, and to a movie Tuesday night.
I took cupcakes to school for their classmates on Thursday and their new futon was waiting in their bedroom when they got home.
Today we had a small party at Chuck-E-Cheese. Even the teenagers had fun.
I can't believe how much my boys have grown.
This means I have now been a mother for over one third of my life.
How do I have an 11 year old??
We are looking forward to Mark's baptism now that he is 8. But we are hoping to have his Uncle Mike here for it, (and maybe even his cousins).
I dug up some photos and scanned them in for the occasion.
Yes, every mother thinks her kids are the most adorable. I just happen to be right.
Mark-1, CJ-4 Mark-3, CJ-6 Mark-1 Mark- Kindergarten Mark- 2nd grade
CJ- 1
CJ- Kindergarten
CJ- 2nd grade
CJ- 4th grade
Happy Birthday boys, I love you.


Lydia said...

Good looking boys. I love seeing kids as they grow.

Chuck and Nancy said...

They look great. I hope to see them again some time and spend some time with them.
Maybe if I could find my magic wand I could travel like Harry Potter does.
We hope they enjoy life.

Stefany said...

what adorable and cute kids. I am struck with how BOY they look. They look like they could be the cover for some parenting book all about raising boys. If there us such a book let me know . . .

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

wow, they do grow fast dont they. thanks for sharing the pix.