Sunday, December 30, 2007

Evidence of Children

As I was walking around my house today I noticed several things that wouldn't have been where they were if I didn't have kids. By this I mean that not only would I probably not own these items, but they would not have been in the positions that they were if not for my 4 boys.
Please note: -Foam darts on the entryway chandelier. I can't reach them, I'm waiting until they fall down. (Maybe a broom would reach?)
-Scuba mask by the bathtub. It's not even swimming season. Which is maybe why Mark felt the need to practice seeing underwater during his bath. In fact, I think he took a bath just so he could use his mask.
-Robosapien battling the WWE Superstars in a geotracks landscape. (I think robosapien is winning).
As eager as I am for school to start back again, I've gotta say I love this stuff. No one can say my house isn't lived in. Hopefully those who walk around my house recognize not only that we live here, but that we love here too.

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