Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How it goes

We have been in Virginia Beach for 4 months now and have been loving it. Our work that we are doing with the city is going very well. Well enough that they have asked us to take on another "project". We will meet with them to discuss the details this week and if we decide to accept it we will start the 27th or so. We are excited to get going with another since our first 2 are getting to be a bit more stable and are needing a little less continual focus. We have always said that if you bust you hump the first 3 months that it starts to get easier after that. It is also a good sign that the city feels things are going well enough that they want us to take on another. This was somewhat of an experiment to begin with, being that what we are doing hasn't been done here before on the level that we are doing it. We have spoken with some friends that we worked with in Richmond who are interested in moving here and doing this with us. It would be great if they did for a lot of reasons, not the least of which would be the support we could offer each other. More to look forward to. -Della

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