Monday, December 31, 2007

Late Christmas Present

For Christmas my parents gave each of my boys cookie dough or brownie mixes. So it didn't seem out of the ordinary that they gave me a package of sugar free, fat free Jello pudding. I figured they were being thoughtful, and wanting to encourage my recent weight loss, gave me a healthy yet tasty alternative to some of the snacks they gave my kids.
The pudding didn't get put away in the cupboard (where it might have remained for a long, long time until I remembered it), but kind of floated around until after 3 days of begging (and 5 days of sitting on my dresser) Mark finally convinced me to make it. I even had to go to the store to buy milk. Imagine my surprise when after getting out a pan and jug of milk, I opened the pudding -not stopping to wonder why it had been taped shut- to find not pudding, but a miniature flashlight.
I remembered then that one of the things I had specifically asked for (not on my official Christmas list) was a flashlight that would attach to my hand or arm so I would have 2 hands free when I'm walking my dogs in the dark and have to pick up after them (yes, I actually do pick up after them).
This flashlight is very bright despite it's size and attaches to my finger with velcro so it points wherever I do. Very nifty. I think it's very cool, (thanks Mom and Dad), but Mark was disappointed that he didn't get pudding. -Della

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