Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I keep getting tagged on Facebook with different notes.
One problem/blessing is that because I do 97% of my facebooking on my iPhone and almost none on my computer I can't access those notes or make my own.
I mean I could, but that would require sitting down to my computer, logging on to Facebook and spending at least 2 hours sucked in to poking, wall writing, group joining, becoming a fan, food fighting, Super poking, mafia wars, Little Green patching and responding to other notifications.
So, I'm just going to keep updating my status and checking on my friends with my beloved iPhone for now and I will (finally) post my list of 25 Random Things About Me right here.
  1. I almost never use the right shift key. I only use the left one, which means I hold it down and press any left hand key at the same time. Silly, yes. But that's why this is a random list.
  2. My all time favorite comfort food is Cherry Pepsi.
  3. I'm addicted to my iPhone. (Like you didn't already know).
  4. I have a level 80 holy priest on the Misha realm of World of Warcraft, plus several other toons (characters).
  5. I am a water snob. Meaning you could give me 3 glasses of water, one from the tap, one from a bottle like Arrowhead, and one from a bottle of Dasani or another water filtered by reverse osmosis filtration and I could tell you which is which.
  6. Even though I am picky about the flavor of my water, I won't drink Deer Park water, because I can only think about deer pee in my water. Why would you name a water that?
  7. I logged over 5oo miles running or walking in 2008.
  8. I can't log any miles right now because my nike+ sensor stopped working. (Aargh!)
  9. I got married when I was 19.
  10. I will celebrate my 12th wedding anniversary this April.
  11. I knew my husband for 5 weeks when we got engaged.
  12. I proposed to him.
  13. I had thought I would be single till I was at least 23. I was wrong.
  14. I am afraid of riding in a convertible unless it has a roll bar.
  15. I ride motorcyles, and personally own 2 of them.
  16. I have lived in 3 group homes as a Teaching Parent.
  17. I have had over 50 group home or foster children.
  18. There is NO number 18.
  19. For me, procrastination is not just a habit, it's a talent.
  20. I scheduled my C-section/ son's birth on John Stockton's birthday.
  21. I like hot sauce in my fry sauce.
  22. I love stand up comedy.
  23. I cracked my knee cap once, but have never broken a bone.
  24. I am an over plucker. I can't live without my tweezers. Any hair on my body is subject to removal by tweezers at any time. It's a miracle I still have eyebrows.
  25. My favorite Coldstone combination is this: Half chocolate, half cake batter ice cream; mixed in with brownies, cherry pie filling, pecans and fudge. Sometimes I double the cherry pie filling too. Mmmmm.....


So now you know more about me than you ever cared to know.

Did you actually learn something new?

I tag you.


Living on the Spit said...

Ha...I only use the left shift key also.

I too, am a water snob. Fiji water baby!! I am also a yogurt whore.

Loved your list.

Mike Hugo said...

I use the right key only but it drives me crazy. The left is broken.
I want my eighteen!!
Now I'm craving Coldstone. I'll just have to live vicariously this time though 'cause I would rather finish my romance novel.