Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A scrapbook

I have been posting a lot of pics on Facebook lately because it is so easy to upload pics right from my phone tto Facebook. But I have been neglecting putting pics here.
So here are a few random recent pics.
Changing leaves made this stretch of road really pretty in the fall.
Me, same day, with my hair down. If only it would stay looking like that. My sushi lunch date with Mark.
Hat day. CJ liked Dad's chauffer hat, while Mark went with the Viagra racing hat.
An amazing cloud formation that made a beautiful sunset.
Chris' Superbowl birthday cake.
No kidding, I have seen this limo in front of the elementary school twice now.
Lunch at Joe's Crab Shack had a lot of photo ops.
This mosaic was in the bathroom, so when you looked in the mirror you could see that it says "Eat at Joe's".
My honey. This was me from another lunch.
Snow on the ground yesterday morning. Yes, really.
Friends and forts.
One of my running shirts.
Taken at Mt. Trashmore Park.
This is CJ's orchestra concert. He is the cellist that is right in front of the teacher in the pic.
A Sam's club shopping trip.
Chris napping with Toby.
A cool lit up tree.
Hope you enjoyed them.
Maybe I'll add more soon.


Living on the Spit said...

I remember that sunset!!!

No snow for us...no fair!

Sam's Club..WOW

You are amazingly beautiful! Amazing.

Look forward to more pics!

Lydia said...

I wonder if the limo driver is a parent at the school?.
I love the one with Chris and Toby.

Chuck and Nancy said...

Yes, I did love them. Mom