Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm the New Primary Chorister! Help Me!

So I accepted the call to be the Primary Chorister.
I really struggled with accepting it.
Not because I am afraid of the job itself, but because I am afraid of one more responsibility.
(I know, I've got it tough, right?) *Note sarcasm.
I had even substituted as chorister a couple of times. I should have known better than to look like I was having fun doing it. That was sure to get me called permanently.
I am excited about it.
While I struggled with it initially, I was able to come to an acceptance, and even a positive outlook about it.
But I am looking for help.
I want to do a good job. I want to give the kids a real love for these songs. I want to keep them involved and enjoying primary.
If you have any ideas, please, please, please share them.
We are supposed to learn "I Lived in Heaven" this month.
Oh, and I'm staying on as Den Leader too.


Carrie and Karl said...

My favorite thing is that we have wiggle worms to use when you have extra time. Remind me to tell you about them.

Amanda said...

Hey, Good luck with your new calling!

Anyway, you are totally awesome! I'm so following your blog! =)

Have a great day!

Amanda said...

Oh yeah, I have to find out which WOW server you're on!

Living on the Spit said...

My favorite music instructors kept things fun and relaxed. Try to relate the music to today's times in teaching, even in performance when it allows. breaking down a song by sections is easier then trying to digest the whole thing at one time. Make instruments with the kids so their little hands have something to do while in class...shakers, sticks, etc...there are lots of examples of home made instruments on the web.

Just have a lot of joy and have fun...the kids will follow.

You will be just fine.


The family said...

Your gonna thank me for this....

Victoria said...

My favorite calling is primary pianist, because I can just sit behind the piano and laugh at all the kids' comments. The chorister does all the work. I know you will be great.

And I would trade you in a heartbeat...I just got called to write and direct the roadshow :(

Mike Hugo said...

Niki is the primary chorister also. And I think she does a great job. Maybe you can get together and plan together.


Chet and Liz Hugo said...

See, that's what you get when you go to church. You'll do great, don't sweat it. "Popcorn popping on the apricot tree."--Liz

Sondra said...

She has every visual aid you will ever need. They are church approved and wonderful. It makes this job so much easier if you are into visual aids.

This is my most favorite job in the whole world. I am excited for you! Good Luck!

Jordan said...

Don't forget to teach the doctrine in the songs. I felt like that was important and the kids were able to retain those songs better. This calling is a lot of fun.

KC Mom said...

Just wanted to give you support from Mommy Blogs. I had that calling for a year about 10 years ago and loved it. It is very tiring because you are constantly "turned on" are displaying fun personality all the time. You will find it to be very rewarding. I was going to recommend sugardoodle, but someone already has.