Thursday, January 29, 2009

What I Found in the Freezer

I opened the freezer yesterday to get some frozen waffles out for my kids breakfast.
Imagine my surprise, when, right next to the Totinos Pizza Rolls and the Costco Stir Fry I found this:I took a picture then and updoaded it to my facebook almost immediately.
I had to share it, I mean, how often do you find a porcupined apple in your freezer?
But through out the day, meaning, when J had more time, the porcupined apple turned in to this:
He calls it "Drop Dead Apple" a modern art creation.
And here is the artist himself modeling how his creation doubles as a halo. (Maybe a rather appropriate halo?) Just another day at my house.


Lydia said...

It's not just little kids at do things that surprise us, but life is never dull.

The family said...

haha I was waiting on this blog post.

Amanda said...

WOW... I don't know what to think about that! Scary funny... yeah, that describes it... scary funny definately.

DeNae said...

Oh, the little treasures we find when we 'link'. Saw your comment on someone else's blog, and thought I'd drop by. LOVED the pictures of the porcupined apple. I was pretty sure mine were the only kids who believed that whatever the art, science, or food experiment happened to be, would be vastly improved by FREEZING it. I've found action heroes fossilized in Koolaid (like those woolly mammoths they find in Canada), and variations on a theme of "peanut butter and assorted veggies", all lined up and waiting analysis from the researchers on the outside.

Fun post!

Carrie and Karl said...


ally said...

haha. thats very funny. I think I have actually made something like that once :)