Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What do you call the other grandparents? and Instructables!

Today's blog is sponsored by: My Mom and Dad!
My Mother is asking for help and my Dad has a wonderful bit of information to share.
Firstly, my mom's dilema.
My Mom has 7 children, 7 children-in-law, and 25(+) grandchildren.
This also means that she has 7 sets of people that she shares her 25 grandchildren with. Meaning, her children's in laws.
These are people that she sees regularly. They were there when her children got married. When her children have children, when those (grand)children are blessed, at birthday parties, holidays, baptisms, etc.
These are people who, though she doesn't see them or talk to them everyday she is invariably connected to, and through amazing blessings, even likes.
So she feels she should have a better name for them than "my children's in-laws" or "my grandchildren's other grandparents".
She is looking for suggestions for an appropriate term. And knowing how creative and helpful so many of my bloggies can be, suggested I ask all of you for ideas.
She has already dismissed: shirttail relatives, out-laws, kissing cousins and co-grandparents as options.
What do you think?
Next, my father, being the ultimate scouter, outdoorsman, do-it-yourselfer, MacGuyver wanna-be, and possibly one of the 3 Nephites, is always on the look out for new uses for old objects, as well as interesting uses for just about anything.
So when he found a website that will show you how to make a wreath out of barbie dolls, a tent out of recycled tent parts, a marshmellow gun, vortex cannons, a 900,000 volt Van de Graff Generator using cheap parts, or even just an upcycled glowing toilet plunger lamp, he couldn't wait to share.
The website is instructables.com.
Thanks for the help, and happy creating!


Chuck and Nancy said...

Thanks but that was Mike that found that site. It looks like a good one.

The family said...

hahah instructables. Aaron used to LOVE that site but I think he has forgotten it...Maybe this will renew interest.

Lynn said...

You call the other grandparents what the kids call them ! Grandma Price or Meema Weston for instance.

Why the heck is this an issue ? Your Mom is just too nice and busy to worry about it (with all those people to keep track of, I would lose it fast !)

Lynn said...

Della, I just love that instructables site...my husband is called "the MacGive" by our kids, so I think he will love it too ! Thanks !

Chuck and Nancy said...

More info: I have nieces, grandnephews, great aunts, grandmothers in law, grandsons. When I talk to my friends I refer to them by those titles. But what do I call the Macks, Campbells, Prince's etc. They became part of my extended family on my children's wedding day. I see them at important and unimportant times. I frequently need a name for them. Nancy H

Chet and Liz Hugo said...

How about you just call them by their names, or if their members Bro. and Sister (insert name).--Liz

Mike Hugo said...

I see your point and wish I could help but I'm just not that linguistically talented.-N

Amanda said...

Awesome Bicycle cart thingy. I LOVE it!

BTW... My hubby was trying to sign into WoW and its taking forever on his server these days. So I suggested yours, but it was locked =..(

So sad. Anyway, I hope you've had a great day. My creativity is not being any help with names for the "other grandparents" unfortunately.