Monday, January 26, 2009

Taking the Bad with the Good, (late Sunday Post)

A few months ago my sister and her husband tried to buy a house.
Because of some technicalities the sale fell through very near to the end and my sister was crushed. She said at the time that she knew there was a reason why it didn't work out and she knew that she would probably find out what that was in time, but for right then she was pretty sad and upset about it.
Last Wednesday my same sister moved into a their new house. It is a different one than the one they tried to get before, and because of the economic climate, their loan is at a much lower interest rate than the one they had back in October. It will save them quite a bit each month and thousands over the life of the mortgage.
There are probably even more reasons why God had them wait for this house. We usually don't know all of his reasons. But Carrie, (my sister), is grateful for the house she has now, her lower interest rate and the way things worked out in the end.
We have probably all had the Sunday School lesson where we talk about why God gives us hardships. We know that by working through the hard times we become stronger, more humble, and appreciate the good times more.
I also think that often a bad situation can open the door to a better one.
A few years ago when we lived in Utah Chris and I went through a really horrible time at our job. So horrible in fact that I won't relate the details because they still make me upset when I think about them.
But, because of that rough time, we opened ourselves up to another job in Virginia. Which is where we are now, and where God wants us to be.
I know that because Chris and I were so devoted to our job in Utah and the agency we worked for, if things hadn't gotten so bad we never would have left, and we wouldn't be able to be where we are and receiving the blessings that we are now. So many times a bad situation, experience, or even a hard choice to do something that we know will be painful, leads to a greater happiness. Maybe the decision to leave a bad marriage, make a difficult job change, or have one of your foster sons moved, can be incredibly hard and painful at the time, but in time will reap benefits of greater happiness and peace.
Very often the hardest choices have the greatest consequences and rewards.
During one of those Sunday School lessons I remember someone making the comment, "I know God gives us hard times so we appreciate the good times. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could appreciate the good times all the time with out needing the hard times to remind us?"
I try to always appreciate the good times, and I think that this attitude helps me be happier.
But even if we always show gratitude for what we have and we always make the choices that will bring us happiness, we are often at the mercy of other people and the choices they make, which can often spread unhappiness around them.
This is part of God's great plan, for each of us to make our own choices, even if our choices bring sadness to others. And it is a test of our compassion if we can not only tolerate, but continue to love those who bring us unhappiness.
A long blog post, but what it comes down to is my acceptance of a few (relatively small in the long run) hard things and choices in my life, and hopefully, the growth and long term joy that I am getting out of it all, even if it is hard right now.
Thanks for all of your support and prayers.


Lydia said...

We just had this happen to us as we waited in a hotel for almost 3 weeks only to find out that heavenly father was saving the best house on post for us.

WE just need to be patient and we will be blessed.

The family said...

I think I am at your side in the same classroom.
We can do it together.

Living on the Spit said...

Amen Sister...right on the money with this post. I could not imagine having the life I have despite a few other bumps who won't get with the program, while I was in the midst of that long, hard road...but I now know with all my conviction that Father God was right there all the time...he never left me and never let me go. That is a very meaningful and important reminder in my daily life to glorify Him even in the midst of a thunder storm.

Thanks for this post.