Friday, April 3, 2009

The April 2009 Children's Conference Packet

It's here again.
April Conference.
For my non LDS bloggies, this is the semiannual event, where instead of going go chruch on Sunday, our church leaders in Salt Lake City broadcast 4 sessions of a General Conference all over the world.
From Alaska to Virginia and Australia to Zimbabwe, church members are able to listen to the radio, watch on the internet, travel to a meeting house to watch a satellite broadcast, or in my case, sit on their couch and watch on television to hear the leaders of our church, including our phophet, Thomas S. Monson, speak to us.
There are 2 sessions on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.
It is our family tradition, since I was little, to put together a large puzzle while we listen to conference.
If that isn't enough for your kids to stay busy here is a children's packet that you can print out and have your kids work on while they watch.
2009 April Conference Packet 2009 April Conference Packet earl-girl8086 I updated the packet from last October. Happy Conferencing!!!
I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy conference.
And Melissa, (or anyone else), if you want to check it out, I'd love to have you over to watch a session or two with us.


Lydia said...

Thanks for posting this. All I have gotten this spring is one for little kids, just coloring pages.

Living on the Spit said...

I have arranged for Cub to be able to watch conference in TX. He is the only LDS there, so it is hard, but he really is looking forward to going back as soon as he gets home.

Chuck and Nancy said...

I don't plan on too much TV watching. We expect to be at the Conference Center helping the people get in to see the sessions in person.
Long days, but we enjoy it.