Monday, April 20, 2009

You Always Knew I Was Certifiable

So sorry I have been gone from the blog for so long.
I had an awesome weekend.
This week Chris and I are celebrating our 12th anniversary, so we had the kids stay with friends over the weekend and we took some time alone together.
What better way to spend a romantic weekend than under water? We decided this was the optimum time to get our open water dives in to get dive certified.
Both of us have been taking the diving course over the last few weeks, and all we needed was our open water dives for certification.
We arranged the dives with an instructor from Lynnhaven Dive Center and drove 2 hours out to Lake Rawlings.
Lake Rawlings is an old quarry full of fresh water that has been designed just for scuba divers.
It's essentially an underwater park. There are sunken boats, 2 school busses, a plane, 2 underwater basketball courts, compass courses, and more.
We were inches away from bass and bluegill.
I laughed when we swam past a fire hydrant at 30 feet underwater.
We didn't even get to see everything there was to see.
I can't wait to go back.
Over all we had a blast and got our diver certification.
I am also looking forward to diving in the ocean (that I live right by) when the water warms up.
As it was we were in thick wetsuits with booties, gloves and hoods.
The water was only about 54 degrees, but that gets a little chilly after almost an hour.
It was a great adventure and a great way to celebrate our anniversary.
One of the best parts for me was that we took the long way home, and went to Richmond. We stopped in at one of my favorite restaurants, Chadar Thai.
It's one of those wonderful little hole in the wall places. We hadn't eaten there since we lived in Richmond over a year and a half ago. I'm a sucker for a good curry. Bring on the Thai Hot.
Anyway, it was an amazing weekend, which was only added to when the kids went back to school today after a long spring break.
And maybe, just maybe, I'll be back to blog again tomorrow.


Victoria said...

Wow... AWESOME! What a cool way to spend your anniversary. Our 25th is next week...I'm pretty sure we won't be spending it in an underwater city, or anywhere else remotely that exciting:)

Mommymel said...

That place sounds like so much fun! That's funny, I was wondering why you and Chris were washing out wetsuits the other day. I thought, "Wow, they must have really been in a hurry to hit the beach. Do they surf?" Glad your anniversary was nice!

Admin said...

Sounds like fun. I haven't scuba dived since I was in Panama.

Lydia said...

sounds great, the underwater city is cool hope you make it back soon. congrats on the anniversary.

The family said...

HAppy Anniversary. That sounded like a perfectly fun get away. Hey our anniversary is this Thursday .... I say we need to get Victoria and spouse , you and Mark and Jason and I to go on a cruise some time to celebrate the anniversary's!

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

Happy anniversary, we're glad you're back. My days just lack a certain humor when you're not blogging. If you ever need an expert witness to your certifiability just give me a call. --Drew

Chuck and Nancy said...

I knew you were working on it. Glad to see you TWO are working together on something besides kids.