Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It Almost Happened to Us

Word of Warning: Grandpa, you may not want to let Grandma read this one.
Yesterday a student at Landstown High School, in Virginia Beach, where my kids go, was arrested for planning a Columbine like attack at Landstown.
One of his friends turned him in to the police.
When the police searched his home they found 28 pipe bombs, molotov cocktails and other devices as well as the ingredients needed to make more.
I meet with the teachers regularly at this high school, which I consider to be an excellent school.
Many of the students, (and parents) are still shaken.
You can read more and watch a short news video about it >>>here<<<.
I can't believe this almost happened to us.
Thank God it didn't.


Simply Carolina said...

Hi, Over from Pikes Pickle.
What is happening??More shootings going on now than ever.
Aman walked into a nursing home here and shot a bunch of older people. His wife worked there and he didn't find her.
Says he took nerve pills before hand and doesn't remember anything!
Sure glad it didn't happen there, guess we aren't safe anywhere!

Lydia said...

Im glad he was stopped before he went through with it.

The family said...

WOW. That was a close one. I bet you are counting your blessings tonight!

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

The friend was a friend indeed, it takes a lot of courage to turn in a friend.

So glad you are all safe.


Chuck and Nancy said...

Keep praying for your kids.
Even if the other student is not identified (probably for his safety) he/she should be publicly recognized for the courage it took to do what is rights - for the lives saved.
Congratulations for having such a brave student in the school.

Chet and Liz Hugo said...

Close call. Makes you think about, how praying for the safety of your friends and familiy isn't just the repitition of words.--Liz

Carrie and Karl said...

Sounds like this is the week for Miracles. I'm glad.

Amanda said...

Della, I'm so glad that your family is safe. That is so scary. I'm speechless.

The family said...

I keep thinking about this. I am SOOO glad your family is okay.