Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On a Tuesday 12 Years Ago...

I walked into a big white building hand in hand with my best friend.

This is us with our sealer, Robert P. Manookin

We walked out a few hours later, still hand in hand, still best friends, but now joined as husband and wife for all of eternity.

Chris remembers clearly a visit he had with his bishop while we were engaged.

His bishop, a really great guy named Phil Jensen told him, "If you think you love her now, just wait."

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Chris thinks back to that conversation regularly. At the time he didn't think it was possible to love me more than he did. He was wrong.

12 Years seems like a pretty long marriage when you compare it to some marriages, but it seems like a baby step when you think that we have eternity still to go.

Is it possible that I could love him more next year than I do now?

Is it possible that in another 12 years I'll look back at today and think, "Wow, I hardly even understood love back then"?

One thing I do know is the day that we walked into that temple 12 years ago was one of the most critical days of my existence. My happiness for all of my life and after pivot on the decision, the commitment, and the covenant I made that day.

I looked in Chris' eyes and said "yes" that day without fear, without reserve. With my whole heart and understanding.

It was one of the best things I have ever done. I wouldn't go back and change it for anything.

I am so grateful I get to have this man beside me.

He is still my best friend.

And I thought I loved him then.....


Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

Happy anniversary to the two of you. I feel the same way about your sister. -- Drew

Lydia said...

When I think back to the day Brian and I were married I think of you and how much you changed in the next 9 months wow. Happy anniversary, I love you both.

The family said...

so sweet. Happy Anniversary!

Chet and Liz Hugo said...

Happy anniversary Della and Chris. I feel the same way about Chet.--Liz

The family said...

You added the photo! I love it!

Chuck and Nancy said...

It was a beautiful day! I love you. Mom

Living on the Spit said...

I hope you both have a wonderful day enjoying each other and your very special love.

I loved this post. Thank you for sharing it.

Victoria said...

Awww...congratulations! Beautiful wedding photo. Man...I may have to get out mine. Our 25th is on Tuesday. Yikes, we're old!

Carrie and Karl said...

Congratulations! And I love that song too.