Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 Monkeys

Our elementary school had a carnival last weekend.
I volunteered to help out and was one of over 100 volunteers. I was very impressed with the volunteer support and organization.
They ended up needing all of the volunteers as they had over 40 games. There was also Domino's Pizza, Coldstone ice cream, a magician, a face painting clown, a balloon animal guy and half a dozen or so inflateables.
I was on the cotton candy.
The balloon guy was especially impressive. I wish I had had my camera with me to take pictures of his creations. He was the best balloon animal guy I have ever seen. He made a lot of hats that included jewelled crowns, butterflys with antennae, a goalpost with football in action, aliens with bubble helmets and lots of other things.
One of my favorites was a hat that had a ballon baseball hanging down about 18 inches in front of the little boy's face. The boy had a balloon bat to swat the ball with.
If I had taken the time to wait in line I would have asked for a carrot-on-a-stick hat.
Here is a picture of little Chris with his balloon hat and facepaint after the carnival.
We had a lot of fun. CJ particularly enjoyed the magician as he is developing an interest in Magic.
Mark spent most of his time playing on the playground with his friends. But he got what he wanted out of the day.

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