Monday, May 5, 2008

Jazz Update

For those of you who tune in to my blog for all of your Utah Jazz updates and information, you are really misdirected, there are a lot of better websites than mine for Jazz info.
But since you are here, I'll give you a quick rundown of recent events and current standings.
The Jazz beat the Rockets in the first series 4-2, (it's best of 7).
So they moved on to the next round, where they are now facing the LA Lakers.
The played the first game against the Lakers yesterday in LA and lost. They will play one more game in LA before heading back to Utah and playing 2 games there. The last 3 games, if necessary, will be in LA, Utah and LA again.
I think any true Utah fan has an inborn hate for the Lakers. If The Jazz have a rival, it is the yellow LA team. (Cat hiss).
The next game is Wednesday at 8:30 Utah time.
Tune in, cheer, wear a Jazz Jersey, paint your face light blue, white and purple, and write "Go JAZZ!" in 12" letters on your car windows. Or as much of those things as you feel comfortable with.
Or you could blog about it, in another effort to show your support.
Go Jazz!

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