Monday, May 12, 2008

Gas Prices. Cartoons, day 1

Gas prices are getting scarier and scarier.
I am so glad that I work at home and don't have to commute. But holy crap! Gas prices just hit $3.50 per gallon at some stations around here.
It's breaking my bank and I only fill up my tank once or twice a month.
I am learning to consilidate my shopping trips and errands.
I am also getting my motorcycle tuned up for the season this week so I can use it for errands and small trips when I am alone. (That and I simply love riding).
>>Here<< is a good/scary website to see what gas is costing around the country, (thanks Pike). And here are some cartoons to keep some humor in the situation.
BTW, for those of my readers who are not internet savvy, LOL means Laughing out Loud, OMG means Oh my Goodness, and WTF means What the Freak?.
At least that's the family friendly version.
Oh and BTW means By The Way.


Lydia said...

Last time I filled up it was 3.89 here ouch!!! Lydia

shrinkingme said...

The motorcycle will save you tons! We started saving $400 a month in gas when tim started riding. Of course here in Utah the weather is so flippin' undecided that it's hard to give the exact savings. I'll never forget the time you and I were riding your motorcycle down was it freedom? And we got going too fast when we hit that hill kinda by DI and we fishtailed to a stop! We had an amused truckload of guys hootin'and hollerin' like mad!!

Chet & Liz Hugo said...

I laughed out loud at the LOL, OMG, & WTF. Of course all the gas prices are WTF here, and throw in STFU too. I think Chet should get a motorcycle.--Liz

Della Hill said...

Yikes! And you have a big gas tank too. At least when I drove a van like yours I didn't have to foot the gas bill.
I have to admit that saving money on gas is not my primary motivation for getting my bike up and running.
And yes, lol, I do remember that time. I'm a little better and smarter at riding now to have to fishtail. I hope.
I support Chet getting a motorcylce, but isn't a little wet to ride there?
BTW, there will be more cartoons tomorrow.

Chet & Liz Hugo said...

Yes, its a little wet, but even if he uses it the summer it should save us some money. Gas is 4.29 a gallon right now, and is just going to go up.--Liz

Della Hill said...

No kidding on the WTF gas prices!

Chet & Liz Hugo said...

Sorry--Diesel is $4.29. Gasoline is only $3.89.--Liz

Pikes Pickles said...

Where did you get all of these. I am a mix between smiling and having a full on temper tantrum.