Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh, @#$%!!

I'm pretty good about not cursing in front of my boys. Really, I am.
But I think there are some occasions when a swear word or two is forgiveable.
I had one of those when T and I were driving home yesterday.
We were less than a mile away from home, (isn't that where all accidents happen?), going straight, when a little green jetta pulled right out in front of us.
I slammed on the brakes and uttered an expletive that would otherwise never cross my lips when in the company of, well, pretty much anyone, except maybe Chris.
Little Green Jetta saw me coming and tried to accelerate out of my trajectory. While this was the smartest course of action at that point, given that I would have fully broadsided him otherwise, it nevertheless failed to remove him completely from my path in time to save our vehicles from a collision course and thereby any damage.
Gratefully, no one was injured. And, surprisingly the airbags didn't even deploy. Probably because the impact point was on the corner of the car rather than directly in front.
Little Green Jetta took about the same amount of damage, but we have yet to see who gets the bigger repair bill.
Gratefully again, Little Green Jetta was insured and completely accountable for the accident.
It was a nice afternoon and several locals were outside enjoying the day, so we had several witnesses, as well as helpful bystanders who made the call to 911 and assisted us in trading information.
Really, it sucked to be in the accident, but it could have been a $%## of a lot worse.
*Grandma, if you see this, we really are okay. No one got so much as a bruise or a scratch. So don't worry.

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Carrie & Karl said...

That stinks! I'm glad they're insured though. Hope it gets fixed soon.