Monday, May 19, 2008

Out Today!! (Product pick)

2 things are being released today that I have been waiting for!
The first, Wii Fit, I have had reserved with a deposit at Game Stop since January.
The second, Odd Hours, I didn't even know was coming out until a few days ago, but I was excited about imediately.
Wii Fit is a really cool game/ exercise console that you use with your Wii.
The Wii Fit board is a wireless exercise board. This nifty board can weigh you, check your balance, calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), and teach you yoga.
No kidding. (If I could just get it to do bathrooms).
You use the Wii Fit board for all of the games and exercises that Wii Fit offers. Some of which include initial body test, balance games such as ski slalom and soccer, strength training exercises like push-ups, side plank, and lunges, plus aerobic exercises like hula hoop and running.

The Wii Fit sold out completely in Japan in less than a week when they released it there.

This game/ exercise tool a little more expensive than most games. Standard new Wii games run about 5o bucks. The Wii Fit is $89.99.

The price makes sense considering the additional hardware, ie. the wireless board. And I'm sure Nintendo figures America will pay, especially since this product crosses 2 of our favorite things to spend money on, video games, and health and weight loss tools/ gimmicks.

And the Wii Fit sold out completely in Japan in less than a week when they released it there.

I think they are right though, when I checked the Game Stop website this morning it said they were already sold out. I am only counting on getting mine because I reserved it.

You can check it out more at the >>>Nintendo Wii Fit<<< site.


So the next thing I am excited about today: Odd Hours by Dean Koontz

This is the 4th book in the Odd Thomas series.

They are about a unique and interesting young man who can see the dead.

"The dead don't talk, I don't know why."

The first book, Odd Thomas is my favorite in the series, but I have enjoyed all of them immensely. I even suggested Odd Thomas for my book club and they loved it.

I will be downloading the audiobook today so Chris and I can listen to it on our ipods.

(We don't share books well and have had to buy 2 copies of every Harry Potter book. We have learned that audio books we can buy once, but both use at the same time.)

So maybe I can listen to Odd Hours while doing yoga or running on my Wii Fit.


Chet & Liz Hugo said...

I'll have to read the books. They sound interesting.--Liz

Della Hill said...

You would like them. I know you would.

Mr. Aaron ,stock investor kid said...

what if you were too chubby and broke the thing that you stand on