Friday, May 9, 2008

Anonymous Comments

I'm giving in.
In an effort to encourage commenting, I am now allowing anonymous comments. (Thanks H2O for the inspiration).
This is so that all of the non google users who stumble across my blog, whether through random blog page turning, google searching about screaming slingshot monkeys or Thomas S. Monson and the Utah Jazz, or maybe just people who actually know me and look up my blog, can leave comments and tell me what they think.
I do, of course, reserve the right to delete any comments that I feel shed a negative light on my oh-so-popular blog, disagree with my (factual) opinions, or just piss me off.
But that's why it's my blog.
So welcome, Anonymous.
And hey, all of you non-anonymous bloggies, sign in once in a while, won't you?
As my bloggie friend Pikes Pickles put it, visiting my blog without commenting, is like coming over to my house when I'm not home, letting your self in, making yourself a sandwich and then going without leaving me a note to tell me hello and that I am out of mustard.
I'm glad to have you, but for crying out loud, announce your presence.
Let me know you care.
And thank you to those of you who already do.
Mustard is on the shopping list.


Anonymous said...

I came to see your blog and I'm not telling you who I am....Ha ha ha (evil laugh)...

Della Hill said...

Um, crap.
Maybe this is backfiring already.

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

I will continue to visit and comment, if I want but you cant make me. cause I'm the Mom!