Friday, October 24, 2008

Do I Laugh or Get Mad?

I have a wonderful husband.
(Pictured here with me at my birthday in August)
Chris and I have been married 11 1/2 years. And it's been awesome.
He is so sweet. He's such a hard worker. He has sacrificed so much to provide a good life for our family.
So once in a while, on that rare occasion, when he does something annoying it is easier to forgive him.
Like, for example, just for instance, once every so often, when he comes to bed after I am already there, and he lovingly hand feeds me powder donuts, candy bars and potato chips, one piece at a time.


In my sleep!
Do I know I am snacking while asleep?
Do I have any recollection of it happening or even of the flavor of the junk food I am eating?
I wouldn't even know about it if he didn't think it was so funny that he had to tell me about it the next day.
Or the next week, after this has happened several times.
I might as well laugh. You probably are.


Lydia said...

that is soo funny,

TnT Bingham said...

della, that is hilarious! I would be so mad! What a funny guy!

I was amazed by Mark's artwork. What a cool kid to come up with such an idea.