Saturday, October 4, 2008

General Conference Kids Packet

Here is a great conference packet for your kids (or you) to help stay busy and make conference more fun.

Click on where it says October Conference Packet to download it.

And here is a memory matching game.

Have a great conference weekend!


Heidi A. said...

What a great blog!
Yes, we've added you to our blog list and wonder if you'd link back to us at

And....hope you enjoy the fry sauce. :)
For homemade -- it's mayo plus ketchup and mix it all together. For an even yummier taste -- add a bit of bbq sauce. My kids love it with fried zucchini or tator tots too. :)

Heidi A. said...

oops --- you already did!

thanks and ...sorry I didn't see it sooner!

Glad to have you on-board and --- thanks for such a great site!!! :)

Della Hill said...

(and anyone else who is interested), the secret ingredient I add to fry sauce is pickle juice.
It gives it just a bit of zing.
I'll have to try the bbq sauce too.