Friday, July 25, 2008

The Hill Cumorah

One of the fun parts of the pageant is that before it starts the cast wanders around and mingles with the guests.
We got to ask many of the cast members what part they played and what it was like to be in the pageant.
We also got pictures with some of them.

These were the 3 Wise Men who visited the baby Jesus.

This family all had different parts in the pageant.

This was their family vacation this summer. To go to Palmyra and be in the pageant. Sounds like a blast to me. Who needs Disney World? We need to share the gospel! Pretty cool.

This is a (shaky) picture of the stage before the pageant started.

And another picture after it started. I was too far away for the camera to see much.

The Hill Cumorah Pageant was awesome. Unlike Chris' original expectations of mormon girls parading in modest swimsuits and evening wear (I forget sometimes that my husband was not raised around this stuff and doesn't automatically know everything) It told stories from the book of Mormon.

My favorite was when Christ appeared to the Nephites. But that's one of my favorite parts of the BoM too, so it makes sense I would like it.

I think it was great for my husband (who again, wasn't raised around this stuff and hasn't been previously exposed to it), as well as my boys to get to experience it.

They got to see that the scriptures aren't all boring. There are great stories in there about wars, battles, ships almost sinking, people getting burned at the stake and entire cities getting destroyed. (Cool!)

The next day we went back to the hill to see it in the light. It was rainy, so it looks dark even though it was noon.

We joked that if we had a daughter we could name her Cumorah. She would be Cumorah Hill.

(Chris laughed, but quickly clarified that it was only a joke, and not to be expecting any daughters).

10-4 good buddy.

This is on the base of the monument.

We got to see the pageant stage from above.The boys couldn't climb on it, but got to take their picture near it.

I think we may plan on going again next year.

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Chet & Liz Hugo said...

"mormon girls parading in modest swimsuits and evening wear" I am still laughing, but you know, when I was a kid I think I asked my mother the same thing when she said we were going to the Manti Pageant.--Liz