Saturday, July 26, 2008

An old building, and an old friend

Okay, this is the last of the pics from the trip.
Our last church history stop was the Peter Whitmer Farm.
They have built a beautiful meetinghouse on the property that once belonged to Peter Whitmer.
We visited on a sunday, so the local ward was having their services that day.
We sat down in the room where the tour began and I turned around to watch the ASL interpreter.
I had a childhood friend named Barbie who tried to teach me sign language, and I have always enjoyed watching sign.
As I looked around the room at those watching the interpreter I saw- Barbie!
I hadn't seen Barbie, -she goes by Barb now- in 13 or 14 years.
She immediately recongnized my parents, but had to clarify that I was Della and not Lydia (Lydia and I do look a lot alike).
I missed out on a lot of the tour because I was visiting with Barb.
I got to see the original home where The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was organized. There were 6 original members, as was the law at the time for starting a new church, but 30 or 40 people were there that day. Many of them outside listening through the windows.
What as awesome event!
I also didn't take many pictures as I was catching up with my old friend. But CJ took a few.

And I got a picture with my friend Barb outside of the Peter Whitmer home.

After saying goodbye to Barb I went to dinner with my parents. Shortly after that we left CJ and Mark with them and we got in the car to come home.

CJ and Mark are spending the next couple of weeks in Utah with them.

I really miss them.

Oh, one other event I want to add: At the Palmyra Inn, where my parents stayed, all of the cars with Utah license plates had their plates stolen. Including my folks.

One set of plates, that were Purple Heart plates, were returned the next day.

My dad filed a police report, but it is doubtful the plates will ever be recovered.

We theorized that the theft may have been committed by some of the anti-mormons who were there to protest the pageant. We came to this conclusion since it was only Utah plates that were taken.

I would love to be wrong about this, since stealing someones license plates seems a very silly way to try to prove you are a better Christian than them.

It was a great trip. I hope to be able to go again next year too.


Lydia said...

that is just crazy that you would see Barb. Please tell me how she is. Lydia

Anonymous said...

Hey Lydia....
Della has my info... I'd love to reconnect with ya'll. I live in DC now. Look forward to getting an email or whatnot.