Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Found Jesus!

He was behind the couch the whole time!
Just kidding. (But that is one of my favorite bumper stickers).
I actually have found Jesus in a few new and different places lately.
I know, I know, Jesus is always with us. But right now he is on the front of and inside of my china hutch.
Apparently one of my kids wiped their face on the glass door of my china hutch leaving a greasy smear that actually looks like -you got it- Jesus.
Here are a couple of the pics I took of it.
I don't plan on charging devoted catholics admission to my dining room to see it. But I do think I might clean it sooner or later, so if they want to see it they better come soon.
Unless you think I can sell the glass pane on Ebay. What do you think?
On our recent trip to Palmyra I admired a 10" statuette of the Christus in a gift shop.
I have always particularly loved this rendering of the Savior.
When I used to work in the St. George, Utah hospital if room 417 was uninhabited I could go in there to look out the window at the 10' version across the street in the Temple visitors center.

My adoring husband noticed me admiring it and a few minutes later put a box containing my own copy in my hands.

It is now in my china hutch, (which I really use more as a curio cabinet than for china), slightly above and behind the face smear Jesus.

I'll keep looking behind the couch for Jesus, and I'll keep talking to him whether he's ducking behind the blinds or not. And if I think he's coming I'll try to look busy. But in the mean time I'll enjoy my statuette.

And sooner or later I'll pull out the windex.

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Pikes Pickles said...

Della -
I love this post. So cute ! I have been long admiring the Statue as well.
I also have been enjoying your pictures from NY. Though some days it has really made me homesick. I have NEVER been homesick for MY and so this has really been an interesting epiphany for me.

lekiM said...

That smear is funny. Its interesting how we try to make chaos into a logical order. Like staring at the clouds and seeing pictures. Niki