Friday, December 5, 2008

Shooting Yourself in the Foot - Beyond the Cliche

In case you haven't already heard, Plaxico Burress, wide receiver for the New York Giants, (who won the Superbowl last year), shot himself in the leg over the weekend.
Giants #17 was at (can you guess?) a nightclub "early Saturday morning" (Which means after midnight on Friday night).
The details are somewhat unclear, especially since the shooting wasn't reported to the police until way later.
As I understand it, his gun, (which he doesn't have a license for) started slipping down his leg. He tried to grab it and inadvertently squeezed the trigger, resulting in a gunshot to his right thigh.
So lets analyze this.
This idiot is at a club till the wee hours of the morning. Do good things happen in night clubs after midnight? I can tell you, No.
(Do you notice that celebrities never have shootings at the 9:00 showing at a movie theater?)
Good old Plaxico has had a few drinks, is dancing, and guess what? His firearm, that (again) he has no license for, starts to slip down his leg. Which means that it wasn't even in a holster, just jammed in the waistband of his jeans.
When it starts to slide down he gropes for it and accidentally pulls the trigger, firing a bullet into his right thigh.
Lets focus on some specific factors of this incident. We have:
-after midnight in a nightclub
-unregistered gun
-unsecured gun, no holster
-safety OFF
Hmm.... Anyone surprised he got shot?
To add to the situation, when he went to the hospital he tried to cover the whole thing up.
The police, who were finally notified later in the day, are now doing an investigation into the whole thing which has included a teammates car (If you guessed it was an Escalade, you're right!) being impounded, and the doctor who treated him being suspended from the hospital.
As a consequence Mr. Burress has been suspended from playing football for the rest of the season, (as though he could anyway with a bullet wound), is facing fines of about $800,000.00, and legal charges for carrying an illegal weapon, which could land him in jail for 3 1/2 to 15 years.
It absolutely kills me that guys like this, (because while he may be an idiot, he's not the only idiot who has done something like this), are making millions of dollars a year playing a game, and apparently think they are above the rules.
They carry weapons illegally, they run dog fighting rings (that's a different idiot), they do all kinds of things that leave common sense way behind, and are suprised when something goes wrong.
We all make mistakes. We all screw up. But with a little common sense, a little planning, and maybe (just maybe ) a little adherence to the laws that are intended to keep us safe, we can hopefully make mistakes that cause us to lose a dozen eggs, a few bucks, or a little sleep, not millions of dollars, use of our limbs, and our personal freedom.


Lynn said...

He is in deep doo-doo ! He's hosed and his foot hurts to boot...

I can't get my mind around a guy who is living his dream and then squanders it totally !

And yes, he is an idiot !

The family said...

I can't tell if he is limping in the photo ...

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

think of the money he will spend trying to fight the proof of his idiocy. wow, I bet I could buy a house (or two).

shrinkingme said...

What awesome people that our kids get to look up to. I believe that we really need to be our kids role models, but kids tend to fixate on celebrities and sports figures anyways. Idiot is too nice of a word for him-and Lilly is right, I cant even imagine the money he will use defending what he in reality knows he is guilty of. Wouldn't it just be something for him to "man up" and say that he screwed up and then take the steps to fix what he has done?! I am so sick of seeing people who think they are above the law get community service for things that would land the average joe in jail for the rest of his life!! I hope the charges stick-like sun baked duct tape...

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

I have tried not to comment on this because I am very irritated about that fact that this college graduate (believe it or not) made people look bad if they choose to carry a firearm for protection. I am however grateful that none of my children could figure out how he could accidently shoot himself. Their collective wisdom was that if you are following the safety rules (which all but the smallest of my children know)it is very hard to do that. My oldest son also commented that we knew Burress wasn't very bright, after all he doesn't play for the jets does he? I do have some smart (well trained) children.

Chuck and Nancy said...

Any idea why I'm not into professional sports. High School and college soccer or rugby are on my interest list.

Della Hill said...

Idiot almost doesn't cover it.
He may be limping, but I thought it was ironic that he is being arrested at the 17th precinct and his number is 17.
I bet you could at least get 2 pretty nice houses for the cost of his legal bills.
Not to mention all the money he will miss out on from playing football if he ends up in jail.
I actually tried to use a different word besides idiot, but blogger wouldn't let me.
I love the sun baked duct tape comment.
Agreed, as I said, a little bit of common sense goes a long long way.
How could he have a gun jammed in his pants with the safety off and a bullet chambered? Hellooo?
Yes, a child would know better. And your children do.
I know you have a special intolerance for stupid people.
Thanks for the comments everyone.