Monday, December 15, 2008

The WWE in Iraq

My brother Mike, who is proudly serving his country in Iraq, sometimes gets to see some pretty cool celebrities who go down to visit the troops.
A week or so ago the WWE (that's World Wrestling Entertainment) went down to provide some entertainment for our hard working soldiers.
Mike was very disappointed that he didn't get to actually meet the superstars and get some autographs, especially since he has been watching wrestling since it was the WWF.
But he did get a bunch of great pics. One of which he asked me to not post, and I am obliging.
That one was of Rey Mysterio without his mask. I would love to post that one, but I agree that the guy deserves some privacy.
For those who are not WWE fans this won't mean much, but for some people, like my J, this is pretty awesome.
Rey Mysterio R Truth on an MRAP
R Truth in the ring
Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy, R Truth, and I'm not sure who, in a match
John Cena
(Oh, yeah)
Crime Time
Crime Time on the ramp
CM Punk
Chris Jericho
How awesome is that?


Announcements said...
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Mike Hugo said...

If you look close at both pictures with R Truth in the ring you can see my face in the background.

Chuck and Nancy said...

Mike, I see you. You are the one in military clothes and a high and tight haircut. Mom