Saturday, April 12, 2008


I have been going with the sister missionaries to teach a man named Charl.
I haven't been on every visit to see him, but I have been on enough visits starting early enough to be able to watch the change in him as he learned about the gospel and built a relationship with his Father in Heaven.
When I first went to see him he wasn't even sure if God was there. We encouraged him to pray and ask to know the truth about what he was reading in the Book of Mormon, what we were teaching him, and that his Father in Heaven was there and loved him.
The next visit that I accompanied the missionaries on, he greeted us at the door with a big smile, and the first thing he said was "I got my answer!"
He told us that he had been walking around his house that morning talking out loud to God, and the word came out of his mouth "Believe my son, believe". He stopped talking, surprised at the words that had come out of his own mouth, in his own voice, yet were not his own words.
He realized that these words were God speaking to him directly, telling him to believe the things he was learning and pondering about.
He was so excited to learn. He read every book, pamplet and magazine the sisters could find for him. He started coming to church and committed to baptism.
He was baptised this morning.
I didn't get to go, but Chris did, so I sent him with a camera.

From left to right is Sister Bangerter, Brother Shopal, Charl, and Sister Haws.

Bro. Shopal is Charl's neighbor who introduced him to the missionaries. Bro Shopal got the privilege of dunking Charl.

I love my Sister Missionaries too. They care so much about the people and work so hard.

Congratulations, Charl. I am so happy that you have found the church, and know your Father in Heaven loves you.



Carrie & Karl said...

That is so cool! We had our Elders over last night to teach our neighbor and it was really cool. She was baptized at 8, but hasn't ever been active. Last night she said she is glad Heavenly Father is taking her where she needs to be.

Della Hill said...

It's great to hear that.
I'm glad she is on the right track.
I know someone else who was baptised at 9, but didn't get active till he was in his 20s.
He turned out to be a pretty decent guy. He is even in the Elders Quoroum presidency and he's a pretty great husband.