Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Playoffs are coming, the playoffs are coming!

The Jazz have only 7 games left until the playoffs start.
They play the Timberwolves tonight and completely demolished the Wizards 129-87 in their last game. They hit a franchise high 15 three pointers and sent the Wizards home to DC with their worst loss of the season.
(Mwahahaa! Hear me cackle as they go).
Coach Jerry Sloan got some well deserved love as he was named Western Conference Coach of the Month for March.
That's great, and he deserves it, but until he gets Coach of the year I will continue to lose respect for those unknown NBA administrators who continue to pass him over for higher profile, lower class coaches year after year.
For now I will keep hoping that when Thomas S. Monson stopped to talk to the team at last week's game he gave them the blessing they needed to break through and bring it all home.
All, including a title and a Coach of the Year for Jerry.
Go Jazz!
(Do you know I had a hard time finding a good picture of Jerry Sloan with his mouth closed?)

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