Monday, April 14, 2008

Product Pick

The new Nike+ Sportband.
My first product pick was about Nike+, which I love.
There is a sensor that fits in a little spot under the insole of my nike+ shoes. This sensor sends a signal to the transmitter that plugs into my ipod.
This keeps track of my distance, time, pace, even calories burned. And I can push the center button on my ipod at any time to hear a verbal readout of my stats.
If I need a boost, I can push and hold the center button for a second to play my power song.
This can be any song that I pick that will motivate me and reenergize me. My powersong is Pump It, by the Black Eyed Peas, which I found out (after I had chosen it), is the second most popular power song chosen by all nike+ users.
The first? Can you guess? Eye of the Tiger.
Then after I run, -ok, lets be honest, walk- I can sync my ipod to my computer just like I do anyway to change my music, and all my stats are uploaded to, where I can track my totals (I am over 100 miles since February), set goals for myself, and even compete against other nike+ runners (walkers) in month long challenges.
So why am I posting this all over again for my product pick?
Well partly because I love mine so much and use it every day, but also because Nike just came out with a new feature.
The new Nike+ Sportband!
The Sportband does almost everything the nike+ ipod does, but without the ipod.
There is a wristband that receives the info from the shoe sensor. There is a readout on the sportband so you can check your stats, and when you're done with your run, (walk), a little part of the sportband unplugs from the band and has a usb plug so you can plug it into your pc and upload your stats to just like I do with my ipod.
The downside of this is that there is no music and no powersong. There is also no verbal readout of your stats, and no Lance Armstrong to tell you when you've reached a personal best like with ipod.
But this can be great for anyone who prefers to run without music, or doesn't want to shell out the bucks for a nano.
Now runners, (walkers), can listen to any mp3 player they want, or even their old sony walkman cassette player and still have the benefit of nike +.
Let's talk cost.
The new Sportband sells for $59. I paid about $30 for my nike+, but I also spent $30 on the armband that is specially designed to hold my ipod nano with the transmitter (it won't fit in regular nano cases when the transmitter is in). So the cost of the Sportband is about the same as what I spent for mine.
You still have to shell out $60-150 for your nikes. The sensor will only work in nike + shoes, so your Walmart sneakers, your Adidas, or even your old nikes will be useless to you anytime you want nike+ credit for your steps.
But as I said before you can save a pocketful of cash by not having to buy an ipod.
I know it is an investment, but for me my nike + gave me the motivation to get out and move. Well, that and my dogs whimpering every night that it's time for their walk.
I couldn't find a saveable picture of the Sportband online to post, but here is a link to the Nike website where you can check it out. >>>>nike+sportband<<<<
When I checked this morning the new Sportband had been so popular that they had sold out and were taking preorders.
Happy running! (walking)!


Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

what a thought, Maybe with my tax rebate?

Della Hill said...

You won't regret it.