Saturday, April 19, 2008

For the Record.....

Yes, I have already e-mailed almost all of my readers with this, but I thought it was worth posting anyway.
There are 1 or 2 of you not on my e-mail list that might enjoy this.
. For those of you who have been watching the news and may have wondered.... Some Mormon women sing...
Some Mormon women dance... Some Mormon women write scary stories... Some Mormon women have lots of money and really great hair... I know hundreds of Mormon women. They do all kinds of different things and live all different kinds of lives. This woman served as a leader in the Mormon church.
She recently spoke to teenage girls worldwide. She encouraged them to stand up to peer pressure, strengthen their families and serve others. (Click here for more.) None of the Mormon women I know look like this... None of them are marrying off their teenage daughters and-- although some may joke about wanting a sister-wife (preferably one who is really fat & ugly, does bathrooms and changes diapers)--none of them really want to share their husband with anyone.
Some Mormon guys can throw a ball...

Some Mormon guys yell at the ball... Some Mormon guys make scary movies... Some Mormon guys have a lot of money and really great hair... I know hundreds of Mormon guys. They do all kinds of different things and live all kinds of different lives. This is one of the leaders of the Mormon church.

Last Sunday he spoke about honoring women, especially mothers, and gave advice to husbands and children about how to treat the women in their lives. (For the whole story, click here.)

None of the Mormon men I know look like this...

The Mormon men I know are honest and hard-working. They don't cheat, smoke, drink or gamble. And TRUST ME....the last thing any of them want is another wife. __________________________________________________


Pikes Pickles said...

THIS IS WELL said. Can I pretty please steal this from you. I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with a way to address this on my blog where so many people are non members. This is perfect.
I love it.

Lydia said...

Have you read the twilight books?

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

I thought this was well done, thanks for sharing it with your readers.

Della Hill said...

Please feel free to steal.
I am not the original author, (I don't know who is), so I can't copyright, but I wouldn't want to. I would love for as many people to see this as possible.
I have read the first Twilight book. I am looking forward to reading the others. Have you?
I agree. Chris was impressed and told me how clever it was. I almost didn't want to admit that I didn't write it.
Thanks for commenting.

Lydia said...

I have read all three and am looking forward to book four this fall and th e movie of twilight in December. I really enjoyed them all Lydia

Anonymous said...

GOOD ONE!! I'm glad you posted this!
Hey Lydia...I read all of the Twilight books, and I am VERY anxiously awaiting the next one. I thought #4 was coming out this spring?