Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Post

Fort this Sunday's post we are going patriotic.
A guy named Sam Bierstock realized that our american veterans who served in WWII and The Korean War are passing away now at a rate of about 2000 a day.
He wanted to make sure they got one last thank you for their service for our country and peace and freedom in the world.
So he and another guy named John Melnick and their group the "Managed Care Band", (they are doctors), wrote a song to say thank you.
Both of my grandpas served in WWII. They both came home, but my Grandpa Hugo left his legs on the island of Sebu in the South Pacific.
I could go on about how much freedom and this country mean to me, but I will leave it to this song and slideshow to convey how I feel.
Click here to watch it.
To all the veterans of every war, including those fighting now,
Thank you for keeping us free.


Carrie & Karl said...

In 2000 I went to Europe with some of my family and we got to visit one of the D-day beaches. It was really inspiring, especially because we were there around the first of June so there were veterans there remembering the anniversary of D-day. I'm so grateful for all the soldiers who have sacrificed for the freedoms I enjoy.

Chuck and Nancy said...

Both of our Dad's would have appreciated that. Chuck and Nancy Hugo