Monday, April 7, 2008

Something else we did this weekend

The kids asked if they could make tents in the living room.
I know you can't tell from the pic, but under the elaborate blanket and pillow framing, was a vast network of "tent bedrooms".

They even used geotrack buckets to form a fence so they could have a yard.

They asked if they could sleep in their tents and were given permission on the condition that when it was time for bed everyone would be quiet and go to sleep.

But what ended up happening was throughout the evening kids came up missing one at a time, only to be found (after a search) sound asleep in their designated area.

Mark was first to disappear.

I might not have been able to find J if his foot wasn't sticking out.

Little Chris was found crashed on my bed, so I moved him to the couch.

The next day much time was spent rebuilding as new ideas for architectural design were discovered. And then, finally, the entire tent city, was knocked over, folded up, and put away.

I was glad to get my living room back, and impressed with the helpfulness and willingness of cleanup, but the tents were fun while they lasted.

C'mon, I know you made living room tents as a kid. I think it's a rite of passage in that same way that "Liar Liar, Pants on Fire" is passed on to generation after generation of kids.

There are just some things that every kid has to do in order to grow up normally.

What do your kids do that you used to?


lekiM said...

I still love building tents cities. Its soo fun! My kids are now reading the books I loved as a kid (narnia chronicles). N.

Della Hill said...

I love the Chronicles of Narnia.
I even blogged about them a while ago.
I'm excited for the movie Prince Caspian to come out.

shrinkingme said...

are we talking about the fun stuff they do, or the parents curse of "I-hope-your-children-do-everything-you-did-that-drove-me-crazy" kind of stuff?! LOL my kids also build tent "houses", When we were remodeling our house and got new appliances we spent an entire day painting, and decorating the lot of them. We used up an entire pint of paint, 2 rolls of duct tape and some fabric for curtains. It took up the entire family room! We even ran a lamp through one "window" and made benches from the cardboard. It was so much fun! A homeless person would have loved the castle we built. Man, we should have donated it to the guy on the corner by the walmart.... ok, before you boo me, I happen to know that that guy is totally NOT homeless and makes a killing on that corner, he lives in a house better than mine!!!

Carrie & Karl said...

My favorite was the cloth Mom made that we put over a folding table. It had a door and windows. I always thought that was cool.

Carrie & Karl said...

BTW Della, you should buy some pepperjack cheese, it would go well with a ham sandwich...

Della Hill said...

That sounds like a blast.
What a great memory for you kids (and it sounds like you) to have.
And I believe you about the "homeless" guy.
I read a short story once about a guy who had a very elaborate plan that he went through every day where he wore a suit to his office, then changed into bum gear and snuck out to panhandle.
He made hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars a day.
It made me think twice about giving my change.
I like the signs by temple square that encourage donations to the city on behalf of the needy, rather than giving directly to the panhandlers.
I didn't remember that cloth till you said something. I do remember that folding table though.
lol, I'll have to pick up some pepperjack.