Thursday, June 19, 2008

90% of statistics are made up (50% of the time)

I feel a need to reply to John E. Garst who left a comment a mile and a half long after my post yesterday.
Mr. Garst, I am certain, used a copy and paste reply in my comment spot about how safe Aspartame actually is and that all of the studies done on rats to prove that it is unsafe were simply done incorrectly and unrealistically.
He aparently did not read my entire post, or he would have realized that I was not attacking Nutrasweet, I was talking about me, and how Nutrasweet effects me.
So please allow me to clarify the point of my post.
I don't know if Aspartame, aka Nutrasweet, is safe or not.
I have heard and read many things that say it is not.
I recognize that these things are often miscommunicated, exagerrated, elaborated, or simply made up.
I decided to do my own trial to see if it was effecting me.
I am not a labratory rat.
I did not measure my doses of aspartame and monitor my health, heart rate, and tumor levels over time.
I simply stopped drinking the stuff to see what happened.
What happened was: I was less hungry and had more energy.
In less than 5 days it was clear to me -again, not a lab rat- that aspartame was doing things to my body that I didn't like.
So please Mr. Garst, (who I am certain is on Aspartame's payroll), understand that I am not a Nutrasweet basher.
I am not making false claims or even accurate reports of how Nutrasweet did in clinical trials.
So don't take it personal and get all crazy like.
Please don't compare me to a lab rat.
I am just a person trying to be healthier, and Nutrasweet has been proven in my own trial, to have adverse effects on my body.
(So what are you going to say now?)


Chet & Liz Hugo said...

Well said. Go Della, Go Della.--Liz

Administrator Alice said...

I avoid it because I don't like the way it makes me feel. I also think that I get into a hunger cycle when I drink something with nutrasweet in it. Alice

Anonymous said...

Hi Della:

First, for the record I have no connection to aspartame manufacture or to aspartame financial interests whatsoever. I simply don't like bad science and that is what this criticism of aspartame is and has been. Unlike others before me though, I discovered what was wrong with all this criticism of aspartame; it started with the first and all subsequent experiments. All have been done incorrectly, providing false positive evidence of problems.

As to you, I must wonder whether you are deficient in the vitamin folate or have problems with the biochemistry of its use. That is the only good reason to explain any reaction whatsoever. And it really isn't aspartame that causes the problem; many things have adverse effects on this vitamin and consequently can have health effects. Alcohol exacerbates its deficiency and enhances breast cancer by this action. And women are notoriously deficient explaining why folate deficiency is linked to birth defects and a variety of other issues too. But some people (men and women) also have serious problems with the very biochemical processes that folate participates in conducting; these folate enzyme polymorphisms makes them require even more folate for function.

John E. Garst, Ph.D.
(Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Toxicology)

Della Hill said...

Liz and Alice-
Thanks for the support.
Mr. Garst-
Thank you for your interest in my blog.
I must say I am somewhat impressed that my little blog is even drawing your attention.
I must say I do find your interest in all this somewhat intriguing.
As I said in my post, I am really not interested in how aspartame fared in lab tests as I recognize that many experiments are either done incorrectly, simply manipulated, or the outcomes are exaggerated.
I don't know why my body reacts the way it does to nutrasweet. I haven't had my folate level checked in a while.
I can tell you that I don't drink any kind of alcohol, so that isn't exacerbating any vitamin deficiency.
Wouldn't you agree however, that regardless of the reason that nutrasweet makes me fatigued and hungry, that I shouldn't drink it?
If I get my folate level up and am able to tolerate it, great.
But until then aren't I better off without it?
And I have to say, regardless of my vitamin deficiencies, if I recognize that something is making me feel poorly, I don't want it.
My body is all the lab testing I need.
Thanks again for your interest and for stopping in 2 days in a row.

righnote said...

Hi Della,

I know these are rats, but try and tell them aspartame doesn't cause cancer. The woman who did the experiment found her cancer statistics matched the 8-year study done by the Ramazzini Institute in Italy AND the original DKP (tumor agent breakdown of phenylalanine, 50% of the aspartame molecule) done by Searle Lab in the 1970's.

BTW, the methanol expert of the world Dr. Woodrow Monte (aspartame is 10% methanol) says John Garth is totally wrong.

Thanks for letting me post.

Della Hill said...

Please view the comments under '"I Hate Sauerkraut" but I love Palindromes' for even more readers input on what is apparently my most contorversial blog topic ever.

Pikes Pickles said...

I am so very tempted to post a blog with these certain buzz words just to test my theory and se eif I could get a visit from Mr Garst.. Naybe if we could all do similar we could rive the man a wee bit crazy. Moo haha, he would have to work overtime that day...