Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Newest Blog

I have a dilemma.
Sadly, I come across more creative, interesting, humorous, and inspirational pictures though e-mails, or just web wandering than I can realistically add to this blog without making it solely about pictures.
And since this blog is supposed to be about my life and times I have chosen not to do that.
But I have a solution.
I have created a new blog. Yes, another blog based attention seeking method, on which to post all of these pictures.
This new blog, which I have aptly named Della's Pics, will contain all of the blog worthy pics that I find.
It probably won't be added to every day, as I try to post on this one. But it will be added to regularly, so please take time to check it, and enjoy the pictures.
Be forewarned that some times some pics will be double posted, here and there, but enjoy them anyway.
The address is, but there is also a direct link from this blog in my list of blogs that I check regularly.
Thanks for caring.

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