Monday, June 2, 2008

Crazy Weekend- Lost Camera

I must apologize for going two whole days without posting.
I had one of the craziest and most stressful weekends I have had in a long long time the last couple of days. (Okay, it was mostly Saturday. I spent Sunday recovering.)
Time, my sanity, and certain legal restraints do not permit me to recount all the events of my Saturday.
Some of the details I can give include:
-An 8 hour round trip drive (in one day) to see the DC Temple.
-Taking my husband's car keys with me to DC, leaving him stranded in the midst of crisis.
-Two separate and unrelated trips to the emergency room (in one day).
-Crazy rain storm that caused trees to break and branches to fall in the road.
And yet, I see as I read over those few details, they are insufficient to truly relate even a portion of the anxiety I and my family endured this weekend.
The good news is:
I got to take CJ and Mark to see the temple. They got to tour the visitor's center and the grounds with their primary.
I got some much needed items from the distribution center while I was there.
I got some quality time with my boys.
There were no accidents and no one was injured while driving.
I had some great friends step up to help out when we needed it.
At the end of the day when I finally got home at 11:30pm (I left at 6:30am), and after our second emergency room visit was over, everyone was healthy and surpisingly happy.
Through it all I knew I was being watched over and cared for and I know I was blessed with wisdom in how to handle some of the events.
The right words came to me when I needed them, and I was able to help someone I care about deal with something very painful to him.
I also took some beautiful pictures of the temple that I was planning on posting, but when I went to get my camera this morning I couldn't find it. If I find it soon I will post the pics so you all can share in some of the beautiful parts of the day as well.
Thanks for caring, -Della


Lydia said...

Believe me I feel your pain and I am proud of you that it only took one day to recover. I have noted that trips to the ER only happen when there is only one parent and several children

shrinkingme said...

Ok now that you have piqued my interest way beyond the normal "woah!" you gotta e-mail me the details of this adventure. And while you are at it, e-mail me info about Joanna so I can get her her prize!
I agree with Lydia, trips to the ER do generally happen when theres never enough help LOL!

Della Hill said...

Thanks for the sympathy.
It does tend to happen that way doesn't it?
I'll drop you an e-mail.
You can drop something for Joanna off at my mom's house. They visit there often.