Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My recent outings

Being that it is now summer and the kids are out of school I am working diligently to keep them entertained while still meeting our everyday commitments and getting to regularly scheduled appointments.
In addition to having no less than 7 appointments this week, we have so far managed to take the younger boys to the aquarium with friends, take the big boys to a movie, and had a girls night out (for me).
We are hoping to get a beach trip and baybe a rec center trip in before the week is over too.
Here are some pics from the aquarium, and one from my girls night.
CJ and our friend in the aquarium, at the aquarium. Mark in the aquarium. Dolphin riding. After extensive training in Monty Python's "Being Eaten By A Crocodile Event", all the kids, tried out the "Being Eaten by a Shark" exhibit. My Triple Berry Tiramisu at Macaroni Grill at girls night last night. Yum!


lekiM said...

Mmm.. that Tiramisu looks good. I'll have to try it on my next outing. I was glued to your column for a bit. The controversy was funny. At least to me cause I didn't have to write a polite reply.-Niki

Della Hill said...

The tiramisu was really good.
I am glad you enjoyed the controversy. I did too.
You should have left a comment anyway. It didn't have to be polite.
I am actually trying now to come up with another topic that might raise as much interest and debate.
If you enjoyed all of that you might like my friend Salty's "Soap Box" blog.
It's in my link list.
She always has fun and controversial blog topics.

Chet & Liz Hugo said...

I liked the controversy too. My doctor, Dr. Remington, and the nutritionist that worked in his office (they both have years and years of experience, plus years and years of research. They wrote a book on the subject of the danger of artificial sweetners, called "The Bitter Truth about Artificial Sweetners." Nutrasweet can cause symptoms from memory loss to brain tumors, and is strongly suspected to be a major cause in Gulf War Syndrome. My sister who has Multiple Sclerosis, drinks cans and cans of Nutrasweet sweetened soda--its strongly suspected to make MS symptoms much worse. She has to be very very careful. I can't drink it--Chet says it makes me mean--Of course, Chuck would say "How can you tell the difference?" Anyway, I digress.--Love Liz