Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our missionaries

We recently sent one of our sister missionaries home and another one to Richmond.
I have been late in posting the pictures, so I will post them now.
Since sending those sisters on, we have been blessed with 2 more. So here are pictures of them as well.
Me and Sister Haws who went home to Provo, Utah. Sister Bangerter, who has been in Virginia Beach as long as we have, finally got moved to near Richmond. Sister Bangerter makes scripture covers out of duct tape. This set is covered with camoflage duct tape. Good luck finding it when it's lost!

Sisters Hopoate and Abbott are our new sisters.

I have already been able to hang out with them as well as have them over for dinner.

We will definitely miss Sister Bangerter and Sister Haws. I really got to love them.

But I am glad now for the chance to know sister Hopoate and Sister Abbott.

All of these sisters carry the spirit with them and have such a great love for the people they teach.

I am so grateful I get to know them.



Administrator Alice said...

Our missionaries, the ones that live in our basement have a transfer day coming and will find out Saturday what will happen. Elder Hiatt, who has been with us since the beginning might leave and I am already really missing him and we don't even know. He is funny, likes my humor, and is a great missionary. I can relate. Alice

Della Hill said...

Aren't they awesome?
I feel like I am just absorbing the spirit when I am with them.
I'm glad you are connecting with them too.

Pikes Pickles said...

I admit - I have a missionary addiction too. They are at our house at least once a wee. If they haven't come by- I get worried and call to check on them.