Monday, June 9, 2008


We are in our last week of school here at the Beach.
Yes, I know most of the country is already out. All you lucky mothers will have your kids back in school weeks before I do.
It is law here in VA that the school year can't begin until after Labor Day.
I am trying to find activities for my younguns to keep us all sane this summer.
There is the rec center, the library reading program, possibly Busch Gardens, the aquarium, and a few others. But my favorite, I think will be the Beach. Yay, Beach!
Anyway, the point I am getting to is that posting may be irradic for the next few months while my schedule is awry.
Perhaps we will have a lot of great activity pics for you all to be jealous of.
But here are a few motivational pics to enjoy.

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Jordan said...

Love the pics. Also, as a plug for my Usborne stuff, look at the 10 Terrific Weeks program on my website. I'm planning on doing them with my kids. But I'll probably wait until sometime after they're actually born.