Thursday, June 19, 2008

"I Hate Sauerkraut", but I LOVE Palindromes

It's the palindrome song, Bob, by Weird Al


Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

Sorry Della I'm just catching up on myblog reading and I decided that I had better chime in on your apparently controversial decision to leave diet soda behind. I also have a doctoral degree and am trained in statistics and research design. Beyond this I am trained in the enhancement of personal well-being.
The first issue I would have to speak to is that when I was trained in research design I was taught that You have to research the question that has been asked. Your question was will dropping diet soda from your diet make you feel better? Whether the science behind choosing diet soda, or it's artificial sweatener aspertame, to remove from your diet was faulty or not is not in question. You selected your hypothesis and did your own research. According to your antecdotal evidence you have found a significant difference between the before and after. This may be basic research and some may even call it primitive design but it is none the less solid. The only qual that anyone could have about this is your statement that it was the sweetener that was the only difference. That being said, that fact is irrelevent because the question was answered because you feel better, enough said.

I don't know why this Dr. Garst has such a stake in your blog as to comment twice to answer a question that was never asked but I guess you should feel special to have garnered his attention.

Now that my long winded diatribe is over all I really wanted to say is that I enjoy your blog. Keep it up. I also know of a computer based tool that may help you continue to improve your weight loss and fitness. Email me sometime and we'll ediscuss it. Maybe I can give you helpful information.

Thomas Wilkinson, Psy.D. (Clinical Psychology, Biofeedback, and Enhancement of Personal Well-Being)
Known to my friends as Drew

Della Hill said...

Thank you Dr. Wilkinson for your input.
I was also perplexed as to why Dr. Garst was so interested, which was why I assumed he had interests in Nutrasweet.
He was not the only commenter to leave their feedback about the subject.
"Righnote" added to the other side of the controversy that Nutrasweet is harmful.
I again found it interesting that people had such a vested interest in the extremes of the issue, when the only issue I raised was whether or not I should drink diet soda.
Apparently this is a touchier subject than I knew.
Thank you for recognizing the point I was actually making.
I am thrilled that you are enjoying the blog.
If nothing else, I'm at least getting a few extra blog hits with this issue.
I will e-mail you about the fitness information, but it will probably have to wait till tomorrow because I am sore and achy today from: swimming in the ocean today, running 3 miles yesterday, and swimming at the rec center the day before.

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

If I don't tell anybody that I'm your brother in law they'll never know that I was a ringer, I was right though.

Dr. Drew

Della Hill said...

Um, I think you just did tell everyone that you are my brother in law.
But yes, you were right.

Pikes Pickles said...

Ahhhh hah! I wondered all along. So is it safe to come back out ? Is Dr Garst gone?